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Having visited the United reformed Church Windermere Centre several times over the last 3 years I now have a number of photographs of the Centre itself, the grounds round the Centre, Carver Church, and other photographs of the area of the Lake District nearby.   These may be found in the Gallery section under ‘Windermere Collection’

Despite living in Cumbernauld for over 20 years we have just discovered Cumbernauld Glen.  What a wonderful wildlife resource. Scottish Wildlife Trust has just taken over administration of the four wildlife reserves in Cumbernauld under the title ‘Cumbernauld Living Landscape’ – see their Facebook Page – click below [button text=”Cumbernauld Living Landscape” link=””] I have started a Gallery page called ‘Cumbernauld Wildlife which consists of photographs taken in our garden in Cumbernauld and in the walks roundabout – Cumbernauld Glen, Palacerig Country Park.    

Our Helensburgh Minister and music partner – filmed around Winderemere “These Sighs” by Thursday’s Child   [button text=”Thursday’s Child” link=””]

The book is now available in iPad or ePub format – for a very reasonable price. Haven’t been able to try it myself – hope it works all right.

I have just returned from a great wildlife photography course taken by Kevin Hacker in conjunction with the Scottish Wildlife Trust at the Loch of the Lowes Reserve. Kevin took us through the basic of the camera as a light recording instrument, learning what each setting means and how each alters the image recorded.  Lenses for different applications were discussed.  During the session many tips were given as to the most practical way to obtain decent photographs in the field.   If the Trust and Kevin offer courses again they are well worth attending – either as a comparative novice trying to find your way round your camera; or as someone with a bit more experience wishing to enhance their skills. See my gallery for photographs.    

  Copy of   ‘SWT Loch of the Lowes’  blog    go to “Wonderful news this morning at Loch of the Lowes, with another Osprey arrival at 8.31 am. I was lucky enough to be on osprey watch shift in the lochside hide at the time, and the bird flew in just 10 or so feet above my head and landed confidently on the nest. Rushing inside to the HD camera controls , I was able to zoom in and get really good views of this birds plumage and eyes. I am delighted to confirm that it does appear to be our faithful regular breeding female, affectionately know as ” Lady” by many folk, who has returned for her 22nd year at Loch of the Lowes. She has lost no time in tidying her nest and using her favorite perch. We will be fascinated to watch what she does today!”

The Photograph Galleries have been updated today 12th March 2012.

It speaks for itself – click here

I have recently added a ‘Links’ page. Most of the links are connected with wildlife; We constantly monitor the ‘Loch of the Lowes’ Site.  Lady, the oldest known breeding osprey has nested at this location for 22 seasons.  It is hoped that she might return in march 2012. meanwhile the camera is on the feeder station beside the visitors centre. Recently I have been following the story of ‘Jewel’ a 3 year old black bear, about to give birth to her first cubs. She gave birth to two cubs on Sunday 22nd January.  Picture of one cub at 8 days old on the Links Page. Euorpean beavers have been reintroducted to Britain recently. I know of one site in Scotland, but a webcam gives views of the Martin Mere site, in England. I will add more links as time goes on.

Check the Gallery every couple of weeks – I will be adding a lot more photographs soon.

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