Wildlife Photography Course

Wildlife Photography Course

I have just returned from a great wildlife photography course taken by Kevin Hacker in conjunction with the Scottish Wildlife Trust at the Loch of the Lowes Reserve.

Kevin took us through the basic of the camera as a light recording instrument, learning what each setting means and how each alters the image recorded.  Lenses for different applications were discussed.  During the session many tips were given as to the most practical way to obtain decent photographs in the field.


If the Trust and Kevin offer courses again they are well worth attending – either as a comparative novice trying to find your way round your camera; or as someone with a bit more experience wishing to enhance their skills.

See my gallery for photographs.




Hello Derek,
Thankyou for your kind comments, I am pleased that you found it of value and hope you are able to utilise some of the information imparted for your future ventures.
I have enjoyed navigating around your website, you certainly have a keen eye for detail which is reflected in your book.



The course was good – explanation of ‘stops’ in terms of a ruler seemed to click with those not so familiar with the idea. Hope you do not mind your site being linked. The SEO plug-in I use seems to draw a fair amount of attention – always worth another way of getting known. The red squirrel does seem quite pale. Some of my bird shots were reasonable – others were a bit too close for the lens – so I will try the extension tube as you suggest. I will soon need to be thinking about next years calendars!

Hi Derek,
It was so nice to see you again and thank you for coming along. I do hope you got something out of the Wildlife Photography Workshop Part 2 today, and that some of the points will be of use to you with your own photography.
Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as this will be utilised to improve further courses, should any more workshops be held at Lowes in the future.

By all means stay in touch,

Best wishes Kevin

Thanks for a great course again, Kevin.
I am certainly far more confident using manual setting. And the few shots I took with flash really make it look as if they were taken in the dark. It make the colours of the feathers stand out. All I need to do now is learn how to adjust the flash settings [or save up for a Canon gun!

I have added some of today’s photographs in the gallery section under ‘Loch of the Lowes’.
Note also that Websites now need a ‘cookie’ warning – see my title page.

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