Osprey alert – oldest breeding osprey returns!

Osprey alert – oldest breeding osprey returns!


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“Wonderful news this morning at Loch of the Lowes, with another Osprey arrival at 8.31 am. I was lucky enough to be on osprey watch shift in the lochside hide at the time, and the bird flew in just 10 or so feet above my head and landed confidently on the nest.

Rushing inside to the HD camera controls , I was able to zoom in and get really good views of this birds plumage and eyes.

I am delighted to confirm that it does appear to be our faithful regular breeding female, affectionately know as ” Lady” by many folk, who has returned for her 22nd year at Loch of the Lowes.

She has lost no time in tidying her nest and using her favorite perch. We will be fascinated to watch what she does today!”

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