I have recently added a ‘Links’ page.

Most of the links are connected with wildlife; We constantly monitor the ‘Loch of the Lowes’ Site.  Lady, the oldest known breeding osprey has nested at this location for 22 seasons.  It is hoped that she might return in march 2012. meanwhile the camera is on the feeder station beside the visitors centre.

Recently I have been following the story of ‘Jewel’ a 3 year old black bear, about to give birth to her first cubs. She gave birth to two cubs on Sunday 22nd January.  Picture of one cub at 8 days old on the Links Page.

Euorpean beavers have been reintroducted to Britain recently. I know of one site in Scotland, but a webcam gives views of the Martin Mere site, in England.

I will add more links as time goes on.

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