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We managed three day at Aigas Field Centre mid-October 2020. See the page in ‘Photo galleries’ ‘Aigas 2020’ for photographs.  

The camera club I belong to has a fair number of over 70s and others who are shielding.  We have been meeting every week using Zoom. On a Tuesday evening a theme is set for the following week.  All photographs entered must have been taken between the announcement of the theme and the judging [also done on zoom]. Everyone one can enter three images. Mine are shown in the gallery section under the title ‘Lockdown’.  I have included all the images which I considered for entry. The club has met on a Friday to have an advice session where we can share images we didn’t submit and receive constructive criticism. Sunday night meeting is just a ‘blether night’.

After a long weekend away some new galleries added Newcastle, Northumberland and Whitby see also Image of the Week page

Friend forwarded this to me –  very funny

Have added new pages into photo galleries – Cotswolds and Malvern. Also updated Scottish Scenery and Five Sisters Zoo

The Windermere Centre of The United Reformed Church has published a brief booklet of Prayers for Easter [button color=”warning” link=”” size=”default” target=”_self” block=”false”]Prayers for Easter[/button]

A new series of reflections on the Gospel according to Mark from Lawrence Moore, director of the Windermere Centre of the United Reformed Church. [button color=”yellow” link=”” size=”default” target=”_blank” block=”false”]Go to Disclosing New Worlds Blog[/button]        

A wonderful idea from Malvern Police – to replace the now defunct tax disc. Print ou the form attached and fill in your details. Cut to shape and fold up. Pop in the tax disc holder. Tax Disc Update Malvern Police

New in the Photography galleries is a collection of pictures and the video of my wife doing the zip-wire slide at David Marshall Lodge near Aberfoyle.

Bought a new camera for Cathie – Canon Powershot SX270HS.  Tried it out in the garden – good colour balance – and quick focus. Advantage is that it has exposure compensation so could adjust for backlight subjects etc.  Getting a chance to try it our more at the weekend. Very pleased with it so far. Not quite a pocket camera – but compact dimensions and perhaps just over 2 cm thick.

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